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7 reasons to choose a Chartered Financial Planner

A Chartered Financial Planner is a person with extensive academic training and market expertise who can support their recommendations and suggestions.

A Chartered Financial Planner is regarded by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) as the "gold standard in financial planning" in terms of ethics and competence.

1. Educated Financial Advice

A Chartered Financial Planner has passed many CII Diploma and CII Advanced Diploma exams in a variety of subjects, including Protection, Pension, and Investments all of which formulate great financial planning.

This allows them to provide a comprehensive approach to financial planning.

At 7FP, we are financial planners and therefore we look at the bigger picture which is why we review all of your financial needs and can help you retire and/or protect you and your family.

2. Independent Financial Advice

The first step is to confirm that your adviser is regarded as independent. This means that they aren’t restricted to offering set products and services from specific providers, so they can tailor their advice to your needs and not the company they work for.

An independent financial adviser can source financial products from the entire market and, as a result, decide which option is best for you. This is not true when advisers are committed to a specific provider.

3. Chartered Financial Planner Accreditation

The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and Personal Finance Society (PFS) regard Chartered Financial planners as the gold standard for financial planning practice.

A Chartered Financial Planner would have passed many CII Advanced Diplomas in various financial disciplines, and their extensive academic background and market expertise serve as the foundation for their advice and direction.

The CII Chartered Financial Planner logo will be used on a Chartered Financial Adviser's website and business correspondence to advertise their status, much like across the 7FP website.

4. Financial Conduct Authority

Financial planners may be directly licenced and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, or they may be affiliated with a network of IFAs whose host company or network is licenced and regulated. The regulator ensures consumer confidence and the highest standards are adhered to.

We are directly authorised.

7FP is a trading style of Aimee Financial Ltd.

You can find Aimee Financial on the Financial Conduct Authority register by clicking here or searching 915784 on the register.

5. Investment Research

As Chartered Financial Planners are regarded as experts in their field, they are often sought after when it comes to investment management.

At 7FP we are considerably involved with the selection of a client’s investment portfolio. We run our own research and get to know the very best investment solutions and strategies.

6. Specialist Knowledge

You could have a specific need for financial guidance, so it's critical to confirm that your adviser possesses the necessary training, expertise, and understanding to address your needs.

At 7FP, we specialise in retirement planning for the everyday person, but as a Chartered Financial Planner, Aimee also helps people with investment management and protection policies.

7. Trusted Financial Advice

The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) gives its own description of what being Chartered means:

“The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) has been entrusted with raising standards in the finance sector since 1912. We award Chartered status to individual professionals and firms who display eminence in their field

By choosing Chartered, you are choosing a financial planner who has made a public commitment to professionalism. They must maintain standards of excellence in qualifications, ethics, business practices and professional development. The CII sets the bar, a firm meets it.

Quite simply, it’s about dealing with a professional. Chartered financial planners have made a joint public commitment with the CII to deliver the highest standards of professionalism, then placed a public badge on that commitment.”

If you are looking for a Chartered Financial Planner, we can help you. Get in touch with us to start your financial planning journey by giving us a call on 0191 380 4106 or send us an email at enquiries@7fp.co.uk.

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