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7 With 7: March 2022 Market Update

1. Ukraine & Russia War heads into 2nd month

The conflict continues to dominate; the logistics of the Russian army and the Ukraine resistance have ensured Putin has not advanced as far as he would have hoped. As the war continues market uncertainty does. However, we are seeing still some strong bounce backs.

2. Stock Market Performance

Short Term vs Long Term. Over the short-term stocks will always be more volatile. As always, we ask you to take a long-term approach to your pensions and investments.

3. Volatility

Volatility remains but has reduced over the last few weeks. There remains a lot of uncertainties and volatility will always be present with any investment, but we are confident out investment strategy remains on course to handle it as best as in line with a clients attitude to risk.

4. Inflation

Further down on the list but by no means in league of importance. Inflation remains a big factor for us and one which will have an effect not only on the cost of living but on investments. Various asset classes will respond in different ways however a diversified portfolio over the long term should over come inflation. We expect inflation to reduce certainly by the end of the year and to raise the Interest Rates through the course of the year.

5. Spring Statement

Rishi provided a mini update and the key points were no changes to pension, ISA or CGT allowances which is great. He did raise the threshold before NI is paid to the same level as income tax. He also announced a 1% cut to Basic Rate tax due to come in 2024.

6. Spring Forward

Just as the clocks sprung forward this week we ask out clients to look forward. Perspective is everything. Ignore the noise and remember time in the market remaining invested over the long term with a well looked after investment strategy – which is what you get from an adviser – will put you in good stead.

7. Top Rated

We are delighted to be listed for another year in The Times, Vouched For guide to Top Rated financial advisers. Good, trusted advice is paramount more than ever and we are delighted to be vouched for.

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