Make sure your current savings and investments aren't under performing, and are still aligned with your attitude to risk.

Review your policies with our Ongoing Review Service

Review your investments

Are they still aligned with your goals and risk level?

  • We'll review your existing strategy and work out what needs to be done to get the most out of your investments

  • We will monitor these investments and provide annual reviews for you to make sure they are always aligned with your goals

  • We take into account your attitude to risk, your capacity for loss and what your goals are for your investments


Our Ongoing Review Service

What you get for our ongoing fee.

  • An annual meeting with your adviser and a 6-monthly review

  • Initial research and assessment to analyse and assess current value of the portfolio and identify any potential changes required

  • Understanding any changes to your requirements and situation by means of an annual review 

  • Provision of valuation report/forecasts where appropriate and discussion to outline and explain the progress of the portfolio and propose any changes required in a review letter

  • Implementation following acceptance of any new recommendation in respect of new plans or portfolio changes

  • Provision of post-review letter confirming agreed course of action including rationale where required

Where we invest

Investments can go down as well as up. Past performances are not a guide to future returns.

UK Equities

Referred to as Stocks and Shares, owning equity in a company means as the shareholder, you may benefit from profit distributions, known as dividends.​

Global Equities

As with UK equities, you are a shareholder in a company. However, global shares are those in companies based all over the world. The most popular geographies to invest in are US, Europe and Asia.

Fixed Interest

Fixed Interests are commonly known as 'Bonds'. They are loans to companies or governments over a specified term. They pay regular interest, known as the 'coupon'.


Investing into property is often down with the intention of providing a recurring rental income or with the aim of earning profit via a future sale. Commercial property funds help reduce risk by diversifying into numerous properties across different sectors.


Cash is often held with banks, building societies or National Savings products. Interest is generated on the cash balance with potential higher rates of interest available from fixed-term accounts.


Alternatives include a wide range of investments such as commodities like precious metals and oil, or currencies. Alternative investments may help diversify portfolios against risk, but they can be volatile.


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I needed to put my house in order. Aimee set up a protection policy for me and gave me advice on the best options to suit my circumstances. In my case, the advice and product was exactly what I needed.

Thanks for your help Aimee, glad everything is in place and I am reassured I have the right policy.

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