Make sure you and your loved ones are protected in case the worst happens, and start investing for your child's future.

Family Life: Protect you and your family

Life Insurance

Life insurance doesn't have to be expensive - the market is competitive.

  • Life insurance pays out a tax-free lump sum when you die

  • You make monthly payments, in return for a set amount to your dependents when you pass away.

  • It can be essential for anyone with children, a mortgage or debts who have no substantial amount of savings.

  • Make sure your loved ones have enough to cover any of your debt and pay for your funeral when you're gone.


Private Medical Insurance

Beat the NHS waiting times with Private Medical Insurance.

  • Quick access to private facilities and treatments

  • Helps pay for any high, unexpected private medical bills

  • Your choice of hospital, including private hospitals in the UK

  • Privacy, with your own room in a private hospital should you need it

  • Access to drugs which are not paid for by the NHS

Junior ISA

Invest for your child's future with a Junior ISA.

  • Anyone can add money to your child's Junior ISA.

  • When your child turns 18, their Junior ISA becomes an adult ISA.

  • The money in their Junior ISA always belongs to the child.

  • They can only access the savings from age 18.

  • You can choose from Junior Cash or Junior Invested ISAs.

  • We can help you manage the investments in a Junior Invested ISA.


Investments can go down as well as up, so you could get back less than you invested.

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I needed to put my house in order. Aimee set up a protection policy for me and gave me advice on the best options to suit my circumstances. In my case, the advice and product was exactly what I needed.

Thanks for your help Aimee, glad everything is in place and I am reassured I have the right policy.

Anne, Durham

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